Özlem Agricultural Group started its activities as the first private sector feed establishment in the region with the feed factory established in Salihli in 1980. Depending on the goal of "Balanced and Economic Feeding", the Group has been continuing its activities with the same enthusiasm, since the day it was established, together with Özlem Yem, Pakiş Yem, Verimix, Özlem Süt and Özlem Yumurta brands.

  • Özlem Yem 

Poultry Feed                             
Produced by Özlem Yem as a feed for broiler, layer hen, breeder hen, turkey, duck, quail and partridge, this product has high quality raw materials and balanced nutritional values. With the Poultry Feed which has received a great appreciation from the producers with these characteristics, Özlem Yem has the title of producing the most preferred product of the sector.

Cat and Dog Foods
Özlem Yem produces delicious and nutritious dry foods for cat and dogs, using the contract production, without sacrificing its quality understanding.

  • Özlem and Pakiş Yem

Cattle Feed
Cattle Feeds are among the most preferred products in the dairy and fattening stockbreeding sector. Its taste plays a major role in achieving high yields by the producer with the nutritional value it contains for healthy and balanced nutrition and technical support.

Ovine Feed
The energy/protein balance contained in the sheep-lamb, goat and kid feeds is formulated in the best possible way so as to provide high efficiency. With these characteristics, our Ovine Feeds are among the indispensable feeds used by the producers.

  • Verimix Performance Series

Concentrate and Feed Additives
We produce concentrate and semi-concentrate feeds for the cattle and ovine besides the feed additives and licking blocks, and we offer economic solutions to businesses that make their own feeds.

  • Özlem Süt 

Özlem Agricultural Group, with its Özlem Süt brand, produces milk which:                               

  • is safe with the fulfillment of all the production stages of applications belonging to HACCP Food Safety Systems
  • is approved as free from diseases by the Ministry of Agriculture
  • is healthy with the results of measurement and inspection approved by accredited organizations
  • is delicious with the quality of raw materials and other materials used
  • is efficient with its advanced technology and expert staff.
  • Özlem Yumurta

Özlem Agricultural Group, with its Özlem Yumurta brand, produces egg which:                              

  • is ethical with the production system equipped with modern technology, keeping the animal ethics at the forefront, in the areas of chick breeding, egg production, sorting and packaging facilities
  • is healthy with high-level biosafety measures to protect animals from diseases
  • is systematic with the automation applied in all production stages in order to  the protect human health
  • is reliable and fresh with the Product Tracking System that is used.
  •  Özlem Tarım

Özlem Agricultural Group, with its Özlem Tarım brand; 

  • produces corn, wheat and clover based on the understanding of "sustainable agriculture" with the system that i has developed for the protection of the environment and natural agriculture resources (cattle and poultry manures are composted and applied to our own farming).
  • In modern barns, it carries out fattening stockbreeding which is made with protective vaccines and spraying, providing high quality, nutritious and sufficient feeds.

Özlem Agricultural Group, with its nearly 300 employees, carries out all its works;

  • in a reliable, customer-focused work environment which respects the colleagues and the society.
  • with a sense of responsibility that attaches importance to R&D activities, develops production policies respectful to the environment, implements total quality management and complies with the legal processes at every step.  
  • within the determination and ambition to continue growing with the investments that have come to the project stage by completing the feasibility studies in the feed, agriculture and livestock sectors.