Our Corporate Values


  • We have an ethical management approach that is fair in all its practices and approaches,
    keeps and fulfils its promises,   
  • considers the interests of stakeholders,
  • is leading and supporting,
  • is consistent, transparent and accountable.

Customer Focus

We owe our presence to our customers. Being aware of this, we have a working understanding that;

  • works in order to provide satisfaction and meet their expectations, considering their priorities,
  • always supports them and tries to understand them,
  • adds value to our customers in every area.

Human Resources (Valuing The Employees)

  • We have a participatory management approach that consider the development and satisfaction
    of our employees, who are our greatest wealth, 
  • is respectful to its employees, makes the healthy notifications on time,
  • invests in their life quality by sharing the created value with its employees failrly,
  • gives importance to the people with whom it works and the whole society,
  • contributes to the creation of employees' corporate goals.

Performance Focus

  • We have a managerial understanding that achieves the results that make a difference by setting
    an objective and using its resources in a target-oriented manner,
  • rewards and encourages good performance,
  • We have a managerial understanding that takes the necessary precautions to improve poor performance.

Our Competitiveness (Being Persistent)

  • We have a corporate structure that makes efforts to reach difficult targets without sacrificing values,
  • does not get tired of difficulties, learns to achieve, works and makes efforts,
  • tries to be better than itself and its competitors,
  • has a decisive and determined attitude, makes every job at the right time and in the right way,
  • is risk-taking, courageous and willing to try innovations.