Özlem Yem maintains all its activities according to the priority given to satisfaction and fulfillment of our customers' expectations.

Based on this priority, our company, which received the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System Certificate in 2005, summarizes its quality policy that it has established with the principle of "Balanced and Economic Feeding" as follows:

               “Özlem Yem, growing and developing with its customers since 1980, is a model establishment serving the development of the animal husbandry sector of Turkey. We aim to provide customer satisfaction and contentment at the highest level and create a stable and reliable customer portfolio with the most balanced and economical feeding in the light of scientific and technological developments.

               Our management understanding is to produce the most economical and balanced feed to provide sustainability and productivity to the investors, customers and employees, to deliver it to the customer in time and to provide them with the maximum benefit from the feed.

               For this, our QUALITY POLICY is;

  1. To use and manage all resources (human, machine, raw material) in the most effective way,
  2. To be transparent and accountable to our customers and investors,
  3. To be aware of the fact that our product is a part of the animal and human food chain in accordance with environmental conditions,
  4. To provide the food safety in the whole chain from raw material entry to feed consumption, 
  5. To undertake the implementation of the Quality Management System in all units and the continuous improvement of its effectiveness.”