As Özlem Tarým, we have been serving in animal husbandry sector for more than 35 years. We prove that we have a good quality feed production with the ISO-9002 certificate, and we are continuing. One of the steps we take during this journey is our business association with Sourches Farm, known for its innovations and research in Europe's agricultural and livestock sector. We achieved a first in Turkey with this cooperation.

Sourches Research and Development Farm is a research and development center working in line with the needs of the agricultural and livestock sector.


Sourches Research and Development Farm was established in 1958 with the mission of "farming and society meeting point". Sourches Research and Development Farm is an undisputed reference to animal husbandry and breeding sector for over 60 years; it is an establishment who has proved itself to the whole world with its works.

Sourches is the first private Research and Development Farm in Europe's animal feeding area. The organization, which has ISO 9001 certification, conducts its works in the livestock and animal husbandry areas. The farm continues its applied research work with a comprehensive and utilitarian approach. The organization’s European-wide, nationally and internationally beneficial work and research programs are carried out by establishing close cooperations with the following organizations:

• Basic research institutions

• Large food manufacturers

• Companies of the plant world

• Universities

Sourches Research and Development Farm is hosted by GroupeAvril. In addition, French Food Manufacturers are examining and developing innovations made by Sanders, the world's leading brand in animal nutrition and feed quality in agricultural food chain products.

Sourches tests new techniques and products under applied farming and aquaculture conditions. In this direction, it works with teams who are experts in their field and performs all the tests it carries out for companies with great care and confidentiality. All scientific discoveries and technological developments carried out by the organization are shared with farmers, agricultural specialists, students, high school students, partners, institutions and opinion leaders within the media organizations. Sourches has made the transfer of knowledge that its has sustainable through the conferences, visits and training courses organized. With its transparent attitude, the organization carries out its responsibility to the public in such important matters that affect the health, resources and economies of the individuals and therefore of the countries and societies.


Sourches Research and Development Farm accompany and pioneer the changes in agriculture and society. Sourches demonstrates its nutritional expertise in response to the diversity and specific conditions of food farming and distribution specifications.

Sourches also offers innovative solutions for the following issues:

• Traceability and food safety

• Diversity, feed and food quality

• Simplification of breeding activities

• Animal welfare

• Protecting the environment

• Management of natural resources


Experience and Innovation

Sourches Farm's technical and economic performance studies are aimed at reducing production costs and increasing the quality of animal and herbal products. The farm respects the environment in its experimental activities and takes animal welfare into consideration systematically. The research topics discussed are directly linked to the field works and the agricultural food chains .

Sanders research team is working on the following applied research topics:

• Ongoing technical and scientific monitoring

• Expectations of GlonGroupe’s team working in cooperation with the largest companies in the field of agricultural food and collaborative works

• Assessment of the information obtained from all over France by the field teams

• The opinions expressed by Sanders R&D Club (groups with specific knowledge on product basis)

Before being published, information on the food and farming techniques that came to Sanders was tested on the fields during the experiment phase. The network of farmers, Sanders' partner, tests innovations in pilot establishments in all over France, in different local contexts and in different operating conditions. The experiences shared by these selected breeders constitute a constant source of inspiration and progress for technicians and researchers.


Sourches Farm is a place where information is given and shared. French Agricultural Engineering students and farmers come here to practice and perfect what they have learned; and they learn about applications in France.


The results of the studies carried out by Sourches constitute the subject of publications and regular communication. The results of these studies are conveyed by the private press and practitioners and by the network within Sanders. Sourches team has direct contact with the manufacturers thanks to the opportunity to visit a large number of farms organized throughout France.

Better production

Sourches pays attention to being a practitioner of the mission to always produce the best in the most harmless way, for the farmers, for the community, and most importantly for the sustainability of nature. We can briefly mention two examples of the different events that the farm places emphasis on for this purpose:

After environmental and livestock problems emerged (ESB, dioxin ...), admirable performance was perceived by our citizens as negative. Sourches follows a mediatory policy between farmers and the public to ensure balanced and responsible development. The researchers tested the first phytases that allow the grass to be digested in monogastric animals, revealing a two-stage feeding issue. This type of nutritional tendency has resulted in the growth of pores, and the decrease of the effects of nitrogen retention and phosphorus, the two most important factors in water contamination.

After the ban on meals obtained from the meat (PESB crisis, 2000) and the increase in grain prices (2007-2008), Sourches came up to suggest alternative performance providers immediately to French farmers and breeders.